GI MRE Case of 12 Meals

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USGI Issue War Fighter Rations | 12 Meals per Case

  • Rations are current USGI issue
  • 1250 calories per meal 
  • 15,000 calories per case

Meas include, Asian, Mexican, Italian, traditional, and vegetarian cuisine. Along with an entrée, each meal features a variety of side dishes, beverage powders, and deserts. Enjoy coffee, cappuccino, milk shakes, hot chocolate, candy and other tasty sides. Only Military MREs include an accessory pack with flavor enhancing seasonings, matches, toilet paper, gum, and flatware. Most meals include a flameless ration heater.

Storage History: These have been held in refrigerated storage since pack date, where they went into our climate controlled storage. They have not been exposed to summer out door temps or excessive heat. All Time Temp Indicators are bright red.

Shelf Life: MREs do not have an expiration date. They have an inspection date and a pack date. The Inspection date is three years after the pack date, and the inspection date is the date the Military inspects the cases during long term storage to verify they are still fit for consumption. Manufacturers suggest that meal contents are good for approximately 5 or more years when stored at room temperature. Meals stored in cooler temperatures stay fresh longer. The inspection dates available are 2018 and later. No choice, sorry.